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My name is Bishal Adhikari. I am a Tech blogger, feel free to read the whole story.

Bishal Adhikari

My Story


My name is Bishal and I am a freelancer. In parallel, I am working as a content writer in different tech blog websites.

With small steps and patience I’m working hard to become a good developer and blogger.

I’m fascinated by IT, technology and blogging and I believe that anyone can write a code. All you need is a lot of passion and, of course, to invest enough time in the learning process.

I am the best example. After gettiing break before my bachelors level , I realised that I can utilize my spare time in doing something creative.!

And I started from zero because I had no basic knowledge of programming, content writing and SEO but I knew I want to learn. And I did! In less than a year, I started my personal blog bishaladhikari2000.com.np and collaborated with other like-minded people to start the two of the best tech blogs techinfonepal.com and geekbloggers.com.

Good luck everyone and don’t give up