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How to Check Battery Health on OnePlus Smartphones

13 August 2020 By Bishal Adhikari

Apple also launched a new update after the “BatteryGate” controversy, revealing the battery status of its iOS and iPadOS tablets to consumers. On Macs with macOS Big Sur, it included the same battery safety feature. I am glad that consumers will now test Apple’s battery safety, as much as I blame him for keeping his […]

Use Your Android Phone To Detect Earthquake

13 August 2020 By Bishal Adhikari

Android Phone To Detect Earthquake: Over recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of seismic events and earthquake aftershocks in Nepal. The expense of building the earthquake alert systems is very high. And for this purpose, the huge Android user base is being utilized by Google to monitor earthquake activity and to […]

Best Selling Cheap Gaming Accessories on Amazon in 2020

4 July 2020 By Bishal Adhikari

Gaming is the latest craze and career option for many new youngsters. There are many people who play pc, console and mobile games just for fun or earn too. We have compiled a list of the best selling cheap gaming accessories on Amazon in the year 2020. Top Cheap Gaming Accessories on Amazon It is […]

Best Web Hosting in Nepal | AGM Web Hosting

1 July 2020 By Bishal Adhikari

If you own a website, you will surely know the importance of getting Best Web Hosting. However, there are many options to choose from. This really makes most of the consumers puzzled. So, in this article, we would be introducing you to AGM Web Hosting in Nepal which really stands out as one of the […]

How to install Ubuntu on VirtualBox?

15 June 2020 By Bishal Adhikari

This article is a complete guide for you to install Ubuntu on VirtualBox. Ubuntu is one of the emerging operating systems that has started getting a lot of attention. Although it is said that you can use only one os in a pc, things have changed now. You can easily use multiple OS in a […]

Best Sensitivity For PUBG Mobile in 2020

4 June 2020 By Bishal Adhikari

Here we have listed Top 5 controls and sensitivity settings tips for new Pubg Mobile Gamers out there. So, read the full article for Best Sensitivity For PUBG Mobile in 2020 and improve your gameplay. Basic Control Setting for PUBG Mobile There are three basic settings to tweak immediately to get the best from your […]

Innovative Ideas For Business in Nepal

10 May 2020 By Bishal Adhikari

Business ideas in Nepal: Nepal is a country full of opportunities. It is a country which has seen rapid growth on a global scale in recent times. You just need to invest your valuable money at the right place and the right time. Read the full article for the best guide to ideas for business […]