Innovative Ideas For Business in Nepal

Business ideas in Nepal

Business ideas in Nepal: Nepal is a country full of opportunities. It is a country which has seen rapid growth on a global scale in recent times. You just need to invest your valuable money at the right place and the right time.

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Top Ideas For Business in Nepal

Mobile And Laptop Shop

Mobile and laptop shop is an emerging business in Nepal. With modernization, more people are using smartphones and laptops. You can start selling smartphones, laptops and their accessories and give the service of repairing.

Business ideas in Nepal Mobile And Laptop Shop

You can generate a good profit from this business in the long run.

Yoga and Gym Center

Nepalese people are moving towards a healthy life. In other words, they are becoming health conscious. You can give yoga and meditation class or get a professional gym trainer.

Innovative Ideas For Business in Nepal

Yoga and Gym Center are primarily targetted to the middle class and rich people. So, you can aim for minimun of NPR 50,000 monthly.

Real Estate Consultant

Real Estate Consulant advises clinets on investment decisions in the market arena. These decisions are neceassary for individuals wishing to invest in a real estate.

I bet you can easily make NRP 2,00,000 to 500,000 per client depending on the investment.

Event Photographer

Photography and being specific evccessfuent photography is also emerging as successful business idea in Nepal. You can do photography for wedding, birthday, parties and more.

Business ideas in Nepal Business ideas nepal business Event photographer

You can earn NPR 50,000+ per event only if you provide good service with best equipment. You can sell an additional package for more profit.

Web Designing & Hosting

Almost every business and institutions create websites in this time or era. Therefore, web designing and hosting are emerging. You can sell your client website design packages with additional services like SEO, Copywriting, Social media promotion, etc.

If you get a good exposure we can make NPR 35,000 TO 1,00,000 per client. Moreover, you can sell hosting and domain separately.

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Travel Agency/Tourist Guide

Nepal is blessed with geographical diversity and culture variety. Based on this, the number of tourists visiting this beautiful country is massive. You can start a travel agency and sell travel packages or be a tourist guide.

You can easily make NPR 35,000 to 1,00,000 net profit on this business in Nepal.

Restaurants and Bar/Fast Food service

People will never get bored of eating their favourite dishes. Restaurants and bar, as well as fast food service, are hence one of the emerging businesses. You can start your own food shop or take a franchise of popular food chain business.

If everything goes with your luck, you can easily earn a bulky amount with this career option.

Tuition Center

Private coaching, as well as tuition, are one of the most hyped business in Nepal and option for many people. There are many fields you can give coaching on ranging from SEE preparation to English and other language class.

Business ideas in Nepal Business ideas nepal business tuition center

If you can do well with marketing and get good exposure to the market, it is easy to get profit of NPR 50,000+ per month.


Last but not the least, agriculture can be one of the most profitable source of income. There are many people who are engaeged in ariculture in Nepal, however, only a least of them are earning well. It is all because lack of plan and proper technology. A person can use less effort by using modern tools and earn plently more than the people who use traditional method.

It is really hard to predict the monthly earning, one can easily make a profit of NPR 70, OOO+ from agriculture. It might be hard to accept but agriculture is one of the best business in Nepal.

Wrap Up

These are some of the Business ideas in Nepal with a great future. However, job satisfaction is also a matter of concern. So, choose your business or work that fulfils your interest. We need to understand that no work is small and all the worker is essential, only then all work and business in Nepal will be respected equally. Saying this, we have come to the end of the article.

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